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Q:         What age is a child?

A:         Children are classed an anyone aged 5 - 15 years of age. Anyone aged 16 years or older are classed as adults. Under 5s travel free.

Q:         If I book a ticket to/from Settle can I board/alight at Skipton or vice versa?

A:         Yes you can as the price is the same for both Skipton and Settle to/from Appleby or Carlisle so you can mix and match provided it is the same train that you are booked on. For example if you are booked from Skipton to Carlisle and choose to alight early at Appleby on the outward or Settle on the return, this is absolutely fine. Likewise if you have booked to travel from Settle northbound and decide you'd rather board that same train earlier at Skipton this is also fine. 

Q:         Can I mix and match trains other than the fixed options?

A:         As our trains have mandatory seat reservations you must stick to the exact train and date booked otherwise your ticket will not be valid and you will need to purchase a new ticket (subject to availability)

Q:         What about railcards and rail staff travel?

A:         As a charter operator we are not part of the national fares system so railcards and staff concession discounts are not valid on our trains.

Q:         What about senior citizen fares?

A:         We have priced our fares as low as we can to attract guests. We sorry that we can’t offer specific senior citizen fares but we are offering good value family and group fares at reduced rates. We also have child fares available.

Q:         How many adults/children can I bring on a family ticket?

A:         The group of 4 has to include a minimum of 1 child aged 5-15. Under 5s travel free but are not allocated a seat. An under 5 can count as one child for the purpose of a family ticket.

Q:         Can I use these tickets on Northern Rail services

A:         Sorry no, these tickets are exclusive to 'Rail Charter Services' trains only.

Q:         Can I buy a through ticket from other destinations?

A:         Sorry no. If you are travelling by train to Skipton or Appleby on another train company then you will need to buy a ticket direct with them for that journey.

Q:         Can I change my booking?

A:         Sorry but these tickets are non refundable but we we can change them for a £15 administration fee per booking plus any difference in the fare. 

Q:         Can I choose my seat?

A:         Sorry no. However all seats are first class and identical. Seat numbers are automatically allocated 24 to 48 hours before departure. With the exception of groups of 4 which will be seated around a table sof 4, all other passengers will be aloocated a window seat.

Q:         How will I get my ticket/s?

A:         All e-tickets are normally automatically sent 24/48 hours before departure but in the event that it does not arrive please print off your email confirmation which will be accepted for travel as you will be on the passenger list.

Q:         Is there catering on the train?

A:         Catering on the line is provided by 'Bistro Voyages' who provide either a buffet counter or trolley service (or possibly both) on all trains. There is also a pre bookable 'silver service' restaurant car on all trains. 

Q:         Do we have to leave the train when we arrive at Appleby, Carlisle or Skipton?

A:         Yes as the train is taken out of service for cleaning and servicing when it reaches its final destination.

Q:         Do I need a face mask to travel?

A:         Face masks are advisable but not mandatory. 

Q:         Can I move around the train or change seats?

A:         We ask guests to stick to their booked seats and to remain in their seats unless walking to the buffet counter or the lavatory. 

Q:         Can I bring a dog on the train with me?

A:         We welcome well trained, well behaved dogs. However we ask that you show consideration to fellow passengers by keeping your dog on a lead at all times and ensuring that it is sitting at your feet under the table and never on a seat, table or gangway. If you have a nervous dog or one that barks at strangers or a dog that is deemed to be in a dangerous category then we ask that you do not bring it along for obvious reasons. Dogs are not permitted in the restaurant car or at the buffet counter.

Q:         Can I bring a bicycle with me?

A:         We can accommodate 6 bicycles in the guards van (at the owners own risk as we accept no liability for loss or damage to bicycles in transit) However the guards van is not for public use and is located in a coach on the train where there is no public access. Bicycles need to be pre booked by calling 01768 353200 between 10am and 3pm Monday to Friday to ensure we can reserve you a space on the train. You can also purchase your ticket from our telesales team at the same time.

Bicycles have to be handed over to staff on the platform where they will load them into a caged area in the guards van. Folding bicycles do not form part of the 6 bike quota and can be taken aboard by guests and stored in the luggage vestibule at the end of each coach. 

Q:       What about parking?

A:       There is a large car park at Skipton (You will have to pay a daily fee - https://www.lner.co.uk/the-east-coast-experience/our-stations/skipton-station/). At Settle and Appleby parking is limited so we recommend arriving early in order to ensure you have enough time to park and board the train before departure.

Q:      How do I book in a wheelchair/powered wheelchair?

A:      Before booking please check availability by contacting our telesales team on 01768 353200, we will then book in your wheelchair or some types of mobility scooter. However some large mobility scooters are not permitted on our trains or on Northern Railway stations. Any bookings are subject to availability.