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Our current Covid Secure seating arrangements


Rail Charter Services takes the health and welfare of its guests and staff extremely seriously. As our trains are deliberatly not densely packed we can easily maintain social distancing as all our seats are set around tables of 2 or 4. We have also fitted specially designed perspex screens which separate each seating bay from the next providing you with a safe space and extra privacy. We are currently not allocating shared tables so all passengers now have the benefit of a private table for 2 or 4.


Face Masks


The latest government guidelines stated that after 19 July 2021 there was no legal requirement to wear face masks and was down to personal judgement. We suggest that passengers wear face masks when embarking or alighting or walking through the train but not when sitting in your seat.  This is of course a personal choice so we ask people to use common sense and courtesy especially when in close proximity to other passengers.


Like all public transport operators we are led by the current government and scientific advice which is evolving and can charge at any time.